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Day And Night

Day And Night

Duration: 01:34:31 Melodrama,Love

It is four related stories. The first story is about Fozhan and her cousin. Fozhan been told that she is going to die in 3 months. She accidently met Babak( Hamidreza pegah) and decided to marry him. But she has been disappeared at the ceremony. The second story is about two actors, Shiva( Mahtab Keramati) and Shahram manzelat ( Mohammadreza fouroutan) who have a role at the Naseredin Shah Era. The third story is about Siavash( Hamed Behdad) who is suffering from disability and just lost her wife. He confronts a girl ( Negar Javaherian) who has fainted on the street, Siavash takes her to hospital. The fourth story is about Farokh( Parsa Prirouzfar) and Marjan ( Niki Karimi) who is Farhad( Shahroukh Foroutaninan) wife, now they are together again. At the end of the story we notice that Farokh is Hoora Shiva’s husband.

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