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About Us

Technology has been dramatically changed, that brings new online streaming film system to our daily life style.
Sekans is a renowned digital streaming system which offers variety of popular Iranian movies, TV shows and documentaries and the best animations.Wherever you are, Sekans is by your side. You can use any device: you’re Smart TV, Smart Phone or your laptop with all legal rights reserved. You can download it or watch it online.

With Sekans, wide Range of online TV streaming is right next to you in a various genres:

  • Realistic Drama and social movies
  • Comedy and action
  • Melodrama and Romance
  • Thriller, Horror and historical movies and ...

The Sekans library is always in progress and many movies and TV shows, documentaries will be added soon.
Sekans has powerful domain and well recognized system which consists Iranian and international contented in both Farsi and English Language. So sekans is not just for Iranian audiences but well known for user across the world.
Our main purpose is to demonstrate our rich culture to the world.

How much does it cost?

ne of the most privilege of Sekans is affordable pricing system, which offers subscribers to watch their favorite shows less than 2 $ per an item where you can watch it as much as you want.

Where I can watch Sekans?

Our advantage is “quick access”. You can download or watch our content in any device including: smart TV, computer, laptop, and smart phone anywhere and anytime you wish. We also offer Sekans app in android and iTunes app store.

You can count on us!

Do you want to spend your leisure time with your family and friends? We are by your side, you can relax and watch your favorite show on the go. If you have already download it from our library you don’t need internet access.

We are by your side!

Are you one of those who always misses movies on the cinema or series on the TV? Don’t worry, Sekans has got you covered. You can find your show no matter old or new and download it within a click.

Sign up in a minutes:

Now you’ve got all the information, it’s time to sign up. It is easy just click here [insert link] and follow the hints.
It doesn’t charge you to the end of process. Remember! All your personal information and privacy will be reserved.