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Zohreh Ali Akbari (زهره علی اکبری)

  • Sound Mixer

Zohreh Ali Akbari is an Iranian dubber and actress. The most important work of her in acting career is "Ferestadeh" by Javad Shamghadri. The most important work of Zohreh Ali Akbari in dubbing is "Reveal" directed by Ehsan Mokhtari. His most notable works are the movie "Villas" by Munir Gheidi, "Daughter" by Seyed Reza Mir Karimi and "Plunder‏" documentary directed by Mohammad Sadegh Dehghani.

  • Original Nameزهره علی اکبری
  • ProfessionDubber-Actress
  • NationalityIranian

As Sound Mixer