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Mehdi Melak (مهدی ملاک)

Mehdi Melak (مهدی ملاک)

  • Actor

Mehdi Melak is an actor who was born in 1979 in Khoramshahr, Iran. He started his career in cinema and starred in “Dar miane Abrha” directed by Rouhollah Hejazi in 2007. He has also starred in “Laboratory” by Hamid Amjad, and “Gahi be Poshte Sar Negah Kon” series directed by Maziar Miri.

  • Original Nameمهدی ملاک
  • ProfessionActor
  • Date of Birth1979
  • Birth PlaceKhoramshahr-Iran
  • NationalityIranian

As Actor