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Naser Hashemi (ناصر هاشمی)

Naser Hashemi (ناصر هاشمی)

  • Actor

Nasser Hashemi is an Iranian actor, dubber, scriptwriter, and director, who was born in 1956 in Gilan, Iran. He studied theater acting and directing from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran. His first activity was in Khosro Shayesteh's telefilm, "The Hidden Moon", in 1983. He has also starred in "Samandon" as director and writer and his latest work is "Chocolate" directed by Soheil Movafagh.

  • Original Nameناصر هاشمی
  • ProfessionActor-Dubber-Scriptwriter-Director
  • Date of Birth12 April 1956
  • Birth PlaceGilan-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1986-Present

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