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Saeed Aghakhani (سعید آقاخانی)

Saeed Aghakhani (سعید آقاخانی)

  • Actor

Saeed Aghakhani is an actor and director who was born in 1972 in Kordestan, Iran. He started his career in television and starred in “The Flight 57” series by Mehran Modiri in 1993. He has won the Crystal Simorgh of Best First Role Actor for “The Long Farewell” directed by Farzad Motamen from Fajr Film Festival. From his notable activities as an actor, “Bad Az Zohre Sagi Sagi” by Mostafa Kiaei, “I Am Diego Maradona” by Bahram Tavakoli and “Swear” by Mohsen Tanabande, and as a director, series such as “Standardized Patient”, “Dozdo Police” and “Zan Baba” can be named.

  • Original Nameسعید آقاخانی
  • ProfessionWriter-Director-Actor
  • Date of Birth23 February 1972
  • Birth PlaceKordestan-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1993-Present