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Ali Osivand (علی اوسیوند)

Ali Osivand (علی اوسیوند)

  • Actor

Ali Osivand is an actor who was born in 1957 in Masjed Soleiman, Iran. He started his career in television and starred in “Revayate Eshgh” directed by Anoshiravan Arjmand and Alaedin Rahimi in 1987. His most notable activities are “Ekhrajiha” by Masoud Deh Namki, “Mahoora” by Hamid Zargarnezhad and “Hamsayeha” series directed by Mohammad Hossein Latifi.

  • Original Nameعلی اوسیوند
  • ProfessionActor-Director
  • Date of Birth22 November 1957
  • Birth PlaceMasjed Soleiman-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1983-Present
  • SpouseHomeira Riazi

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