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Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)

Hassan Majooni (حسن معجونی)

  • Actor

Hasan Majooni is an actor and director of theater and cinema who was born in 1969 in Zanjan, Iran. He started his professional career with theater and then starred in series of Daruish Moadabian's "Pardey-e Ajayeb".His other movies are "The Snow on The Pines" BY Peyman Maadi, "Pig" by Mani Haghighi and "We Are All Together" by Kamal Tabrizi.

  • Original Nameحسن معجونی
  • ProfessionActor
  • Date of Birth18 January 1969
  • Birth PlaceZanjan-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1996-Present

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