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Ariya Azimi Nezhad (آریا عظیمی نژاد)

Ariya Azimi Nezhad (آریا عظیمی نژاد)

  • composer

Ariya Azimi Nezhad is an Iranian composer who was born in 1973. He started his career in television and starred in “Pezeshkan” series directed by Masoud Keramati in 1998. His most notable activities in series are “She Was an Angel” by Alireza Afkhami, “Rooze Hasrat” and “Paytakht” by Sirous Moghadam, “Chimney” by Mohammad Hossein Latifi.

  • Original Nameآریا عظیمی نژاد
  • ProfessionComposer
  • Date of Birth25 April 1973
  • NationalityIranian

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