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Farzaneh Neshatkhah (فرزانه نشاط خواه)

Farzaneh Neshatkhah (فرزانه نشاط خواه)

  • Actress

Farzaneh Neshatkhah is an actress who was born in 1955 in Tehran, Iran. She started her career in cinema and starred in “Frosty Roads” directed by Masoud Jafari Jozani in 1985. Her most notable activities are “Marze Khoshbakhti” series by Hossein Soheili Zadeh, “Untaken Paths” by Tahmineh Milani and “Jamedaran” directed by Hamidreza Ghotbi.

  • Original Nameفرزانه نشاط خواه
  • ProfessionActress
  • Date of Birth1955
  • Birth PlaceTehran-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1985-Present
  • SpouseJamshid Jahan Zadeh

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