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Peyman Ghasem Khani (پیمان قاسم خانی)

Peyman Ghasem Khani (پیمان قاسم خانی)

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Peyman Ghasem Khani is a scriptwriter who was born in 1967 in Tehran, Iran. He started his career in cinema and starred in “Booye Khoshe Zendegi” directed by Abolhasan Davoodi in 1994. His most notable activities are “Saint Petersburg” by Behrouz Afkhami, “No Men Allowed” by Rambod Javan, “The Lizard” by Kamal Tabrizi, “Pavarchin” by Mehran Modiri and “Sakhteman-e Pezeshkan” directed by Soroush Sehat.

  • Original Nameپیمان قاسم خانی
  • ProfessionScriptwriter-Actor-Director
  • Date of Birth20 January 1967
  • Birth PlaceTehran-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1993-Present

As Writer

As Actor