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Amin Hayayi (امین حیایی)

Amin Hayayi (امین حیایی)

  • Actor

Amin Hayayi is a film and television actor who was born in 1970 in Tehran, Iran. He started his career with the show, and then played on his first cinema experience in the movie "Two Companions" by Asghar Hashemi. Amin Hayayi has been awarded as the Best Actor from Fajr Film Festival for "The Night" by Rassoul Sadr Amali. He has also won an Honorary Diploma as Best Actor from Fajr Film Festival for Hamid Nematollah's "Sholevar" film. He has also featured in the "Tambourine" by Parisa Bakhtevar, "Saint Petersburg" by Behrooz Afkhami, "Woodpecker" by Behrouz Shoaibi and "Ekhrajiha". He has also been featured in the "Rozegar Javani" and "Made in Iran" series.

  • Original Nameامین حیایی
  • ProfessionActor,Singer
  • Date of Birth9 June 1970
  • Birth PlaceTehran-Iran
  • NationalityIranian
  • Years of Activity1991-Present
  • SpouseNiloofar Khosh Kholgh