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Ezzatollah Mehravaran (عزت الله مهرآوران)

Ezzatollah Mehravaran (عزت الله مهرآوران)

  • Actor

Ezzatollah Mehravaran is an actor and director of television and cinema and he was born in 1949 in Masjed Soleiman, Iran. He started his career with the movie "Wine Seller" by Vali Muhammad, and then he played in movies such as "Glass Agency" by Ibrahim Hatami Kia, "The Changed Man" by Mohammad Reza Honarmand and "Khabam Miad" by Reza Attaran. He has also been featured in series such as "Vaziat-e Sefid" by Hamid Nematollah, "Lisanse-ha" by Soroush Sehat and "Dozdo Police" by Saeed Aghakhani.

  • Original Nameعزت الله مهرآوران
  • ProfessionMasjed Soleyman - Iran
  • Date of Birth8 May 1949
  • NationalityIranian

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